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Rockaway's Own Good Time Band!
Happy New Year !!!

Coming Gigs

Jan 29th Thai Rock 8 pm

Feb 26th  Community House 8 pm

Grayriders Band History and Philosophy
Welcome to the Grayriders Website! We play in the Beach Bars of Rockaway for friends & family & neighbors - all looking for a few laughs and a good time. If that sounds like fun to you, come join us - check out the News section of our site for upcoming gigs. If you like the Dead, the Stones, CCR, Van Morisson, - well you just might like the Riders too.

The Grayriders grew out of another organization known as the Graybeards. The Graybeards are a 501-c-3 group based in the Rockaways.

 Since that time almost ten years ago the line-up has changed and continues to change, with honorary Grayriders (or Touring members as we like to call them) dropping in and out of the line-up from time to time  - but all with the same spirit and philosophy! To play music and help other people doing it. So you'll catch the Grayriders at events around the beach in that way. The core Riders are Graybeards: Joe, Bugsy and Lou. The Riders have been blessed with a great group of musicians who sit in with them, this year included Eddie Landi, Brian Sears, Matt Roberts, Indaculture, Steve Sgrizzi, and many others.

Oh yeah, the music - the Grayriders have a musical philosophy rooted in the sixties - we like to take songs rearrange them and jam. We do that for two reasons - we like to jam and we can't play'em like the record anyway.

See you around Rockaway!

To just say hi or inquire about having us play your events please e-mail us at:

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