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2018 is Here !!!

First two gigs of 2018 are in the books - Hibernians of Roxbury & BHYC were both lots of fun and sported great turnouts!! Thank you all for coming out to hear our new songs and to have some fun with us! Next up - Rogers !!! See you there!

Thai Rock & BHYC

Couple of real nice nights with the band rounding out the end of the season 2017. Look for one or two more acoustic gigs before 2018. Don Sautner joining us on percussion at BHYC - very nice!

The Wharf 
Clare Crush Cancer 3 on 3 by the Sea was awesome! Great turnout all day long especially at the Wharf where the Grayriders provided the dance track for everyone to dance the night away! Beautiful sunset, moonrise, friends and family. Very cool night!

Caracas x2
Thank you to the lovely team at Caracas for having us twice this summer !! Great crowds and great atmosphere! Maybe one more time before the end of the summer!!

Good times rolled at the BHYC with an eclectic group of dancing yogis!! Thanks Thaddeus for taking care of everybody ! Next up Caracas Aug 19th !!

Low Tide & RBVL
Although missing Mike & Eddie for both of these summertime classics we were joined by honorary grayriders Bobby Butler, Guy Nevis, Bryan Fraser and Walter Rogers who added enough fire power to set the nights ablaze ! Rockaway summers, good times!!

Rogers & Sugar Bowl
What can we say, we love both of these places. The bartenders are extremely nice, the beer is always served cold, and the proprietors know how to run a place. In addition, the customers are always appreciative. Thank you GR fans, see you next on the Boardwalk!

Bungalow Bar & Jameson’s
9th year opening MDW for BB what a blast! Weather didn’t stop the fun, and as a pre-game warm-up a spirited crowd at Jamo’s.

Thank you to the fans and proprietors who keep the music alive!

See you back at Rogers on the 10th!

First time playing Rogers Bar on 116th Street and it was a blast - loved the stage and all the regulars cheering us on! We’ll be back soon !!

It’s always fun to pick up the acoustic guitars and sing some folk songs and that is just what we did at Claudette’s on 116th Street - thank you to Claudette and her son John for allowing us to entertain family, friends and foodies. Hope to back again soon.

Always love playing at the Yacht Club - the lounge is beautiful, the sound is great and the beers are cold. Thanks for having us, can’t wait to come back and play again at the BHYC!

Roxbury AOH
Thank you to the Hibernians for their warm hospitality on 1/21 in Roxbury. We loved playing for you and hope to be back again this summer !!!

Thai Rock
Great time at Thai Rock ! Thank you Robert & team for your hospitality and graciousness for having the Grayriders in your house !!

The Taste of Rockaway crowd was tremendous. Thank you to the Rockville Center crowd and to the Rockaway fans for being in the house. Special thanks to Bobby Butler for sitting in on our first set on piano. Awesome.

Looking forward to 2017!!

Community House
Thank you to the owners, managers and staff of the Community House who welcomed the Riders into their House ! Nice crowd from Rockville Center and Rockaway came out to hear us play some new tunes. And they got a treat as Mike Carpenter, Joe Kenel and Eddie Landi were on fire. Steady rhythm of Steve Baker & John McNamee kept it all together for vocalists Lou Pastina & Bugsy Goldberg.

Next up, Belle Harbor Yacht Club for some acoustic Riders on Oct 21 at 9 pm. See you there!

Caracas & Thai Rock !!
The last two gigs of the summer for the grayriders were among our favorites and most fun ! Maribel at Caracas always makes us feel right at home, and Robert was the perfect host at Thai Rock. Summer 2016 was one of the best summers ever for the band ! Thank you !

Sugar Bowl Gig
Breezy Point never disappoints: great venue, beautiful summer night, and enthusiastic fans ! We love playing there. Thank you so much fro having us !! Maybe we will be back this fall.

In the meantime - two last gigs of the summer coming up - Caracas on August 20th at 6 pm followed by Thai Rock on August 25th at 9 pm.

Catch this years set list before it fades away......”don’t let go, don’t let go....”

Belle Harbor Yacht Club
Thank you to the Yacht Club for inviting us to play in the Members Lounge. The best views of Manhattan skyline, cold beers, friends and music. A great night as the Timothy sisters lit up the dance floor. Next up, the Sugar Bowl Friday night at 8 pm, see you there.

Sugar Bowl Gig!
The owners of the Sugar Bowl in Breezy Point certainly outdid themselves. They built a beautiful facility that we were lucky enough play on Saturday to a packed house. Breezy knows how to party. Looking forward to going back on August 12. But first it’s the Belle Harbor Yacht Club on August 5.

RBVL @ Riis Bazaar; Two Bridges Festival & Caracas

Well the RBVL event at Riis Bazaar was just a great night. Beautiful Rockaway night, great people, terrific food, and Grayrider music! Thank you to the RVBL & Riis Bazaar for having us.

Mason runs a great festival in Broad Channel, but we hear this may be the last one. It is a lot of work - but we were happy to be included and to do an acoustic set and rock Broad Channel - Mason thank you brother ! Great job !

The threat of rain proved to be too much however for Caracas later that night and was canceled. Luckily we booked two night this year at this perennial favorite so mark down Aug 20.

But before that we will be in Breezy Point at the newly refurbished Sugar Bowl on July 23 & Aug 12. Can’t wait to hit Breezy !!

Low Tide Fun

Great Rockaway night on Saturday. Beautiful weather, people coming off the beach hanging’ with us till 10 pm!! Roller skating man; people dancing’; fun stuff. Up next the RBVL at Riis Park Bazaar Wed night 7 pm. Should be a great night; take the bike up to Riis and hang with us at the Bazaar.

The Wharf for Clare Crush Benefit 3 on 3

The rain held out and a beautiful wharf-only sunset smiled down upon the Clare Crush group and the Grayriders. Wonderful night with good friends for a great cause. Thanks for letting us entertain you !! Next up, Low Tide June 26th ! See you there

Bungalow Bar Once Again for Memorial Day Weekend !

What a blast it is to come to Bungalow Bar every year to open up the season. This year with a new line-up and new songs and BB filled to capacity, it just doesn’t get any better. Next up for the Riders is The Wharf on June 11 for Clare Droesch Benefit. Be there to help stamp out cancer!

RAA Rapping
Excellent night with our friends at RAA - collaborating with fellow artists to create sights and sounds to fuel the senses !! Can’t wait to come back to play again at this iconic venue !!!

Coming up ....Bungalow Bar for another Memorial Day Weekend kick-off ! May 29th 4 pm.

Next Up RAA - Noisy Paint Box - May 7 @ 7 pm
A collaborative journey of sight and sound with the GRs providing the sound track - be there !

Thank you to the BHYC and its members for a fun night of acoustic grayrider music and thanks to Danny Mulvanety for jamming with us ! Always a treat for us ! 

Thai Rocks
Mehta & Robert fresh off their Michelin rating for 2016 welcomed the Grayriders into their house and we had a blast. Even though it was the night before the Graybeard Dinner Dance we had a great crowd to welcome the Riders into 2016. Next stop Community House 2/26 at 8 pm see you there!!

Jameson’s Acoustic Style !!

Great night, thanks Jameson’s and thank you to those loyal diehards known as Grayrider fans !!

Thai Rock Rocks with Grayriders !
Great night at Thai rock last Friday with guest bassist Joe Schifano pounding it out and Ed Landi & Joe Kenel supplying hot licks !

Riders will be publishing a fall schedule soon - stay tuned !

Low Tide Bar Bonanza ! 8/28/2015

The folks at Low Tide are great - Michelle & Rachel - you guys rock ! ANd thanks to the rollerblading dude who danced all night long like it was 1979 !! Yeah baby ! Nad how about guest bassist Joe Schifano - he wailed ! Eddie Landi & Joe Kenel & Mike Carpenter trading licks to a moonlit night…doesn’t get better; or maybe it does ! See you 9/4 at Thai Rock at 9 pm !

Breezy Fans Boost Bay House 8/14/2015

Beautiful summer night with a great sunset over Brooklyn was the background for the Grayriders gig this past Friday - about 150 loyal Breezy fans came and danced and sang with us all night long. Ed Landi picked up lead guitar duties from Joe Kenel (currently touring Europe !) and Willie Vargas stepped back in to keep the beat while Steve Baker was on vacation. Very cool vibe and night. 

Next stop - Low Tide Bar on 96th Street on 8/28 at 6 pm. Joe Kenel and Steve Baker will be re-joining the band, and sitting in for the vacationing John McNamee on bass will be guest bassist Joe Schifano. In addition a few other guests will be sitting in with the Riders - this should be a good one - don’t miss it !!!

Caracas 7/25/2015

Awesome night on the Boardwalk at Caracas - Joe Kenel & Eddie Landi lit it up big time, while Mike Carpenter wailed on the sax. Arepas & Sangria ! Maribel is a terrific host and her team is awesome too. John Mac & Stevie Baker kept the whole thing together & Laser & Bugsy provided the vocals….what more can you ask of a summer night ? Next stop The Bayhouse is Breezy 8/14 !

Sugar Bowl Super 7/17/2015

Breezy Pointers know how to have a good time, and we so many people from Rockaway and Manhattan it made for a great party. Eddie Landi joined the band for this gig and will be joining us for the next few. If you like great guitar playing come and hear Joe Kenel and Eddie trade hot licks ! Next stop for the Riders is Caracas Saturday July 25 starting at 6 pm at 106 Street and the Boardwalk. Great sangria, arepas and Grayriders - what a heady mix !!

Riis Park Beach Bazaar 6/24/2015

In the words of the RBVL

The after-party wasn’t far – the Riis Park Bazaar played host just steps from the sand courts with live music from The Grayriders, good food and drink specials.  The Grayriders rocked out on stage with classics and were joined by many local celebrity musicians from different bands.  The best dancer award goes to little James Cassidy, who was out way past his bedtime and upstaging his uncle Vinny with some of his dance moves.  We hope to see him on the court, and at the after-party, in a few years.  Delicious food from diverse concessions provided a cultural cornucopia.  The new food offerings include fresh fish, barbecue, fried chicken and the Bazaar offered a two-for-one drink special that will be offered each Wednesday just for the league.  This week some sort of attendance record must have been set because there were RBVL players and friends as far as the eye could see.  The Bazaar is open seven days a week so please support this exciting new business in Rockaway. As Bugsy said on stage, it’s just what the peninsula needs, our dollars and our drinking habit.  They’ll have Rockaway bands each week and are doing a great job of reaching out to all their neighbors.  The RBVL has definitely turned a chapter in its every changing and evolving sports institution with the first annual Bay Nine Festival.  The nearest party I can equate it to is the liberation of Paris in 1944.   Now that was a party.

116th Street Festival
Riders played with Steve Sgrizzi again and with a huge professional sound system and it was great ! Thanks to the organizers of this cool event, 116th Street never looked or sounded better.

Next up the Riis Park Beach Bazaar Wednesday night 6/24 for the RB Volleyball league. The proprietors of the RPBB have just signed a 5 year contract with RP and it is pretty cool, check it out on the weekends, and come by Wednesday night !

The Wharf - Clare Crush Cancer Benefit
Wow - Bobby Butler & Jenna from Indaculture & Steve Sgrizzi from Williamsburg’s Off Beat Morraccas jammed with the Grayriders to put on an awesome show at the Wharf in support of raising awareness and funds to beat cancer ! Great night…..

Bungalow Bar - Memorial Day Opening - 7th Year in a Row !!
Great turnout, warm weather, friends, neighbors, hipsters ! It was all happening yesterday at BB - beautiful tribute to Brian Monaghan by the GR - see you next week at The Wharf for the Clare Droesch Benefit.

Jameson’s Rides Again !!
Well it seems every time we play Jameson’s something magical happens. Its now spring time, the air is warmer, the sun is out, friends come out and enjoy a cup of suds or two, the music starts, someone starts to dance and there you have it !! Wonderful time with neighbors, friends, and family and the Grayriders. And Bugsy not missing a beat. Our spiritual leader, stronger than ever. Way to go Bugsy.

Great time @ Thai Rock 
Thai Rock Feb 13th - 9 pm

Robert & Metta host the grayriders for their first gig of 2015 in Rockaway ! Yes its Friday the 13th; yes its freaking freezing out; yes the next day is Valentine’s day - so what’s your excuse! Come on out and support the Kaskel’s fresh off their appearance on the Cooking Channel & the Grayriders and see neighbors, have some fun, dance a little, and let it all hang out !!!

Mulcahy’s of Wantagh - Mike Labiak Benefit 1/25 1pm
Beautiful event held in honor of the Labiak’s son Michael, who left us too early. Our prayers and music are with the Labiak family.

The Tamaqua in Gerritsen Beach - Nov 22 at 8 pm
Thanks to Paul Sarubi for hosting us at the Tamaqua ! Cool bar with a great history. And thanks to loyal fans Steve Stathis, Brian Boyle and G Linares for making the trip with their entourages to hang with the Riders !

Winter gigs to be announced soon.

Thai Rocks & Low Tide
Once again the GR's visited Thai Rock and had a nice crowd singing and dancing along with them - several folks that followed them from Low Tide just the week before. Thanks guys you make our day !

Graybeard Fun Run
Another successful Fun Run for the Graybeards and the house band - the Grayriders - were proud to donate their time and talents to the evening. Congratulations to all the runners, volunteers and neighbors who makes this annual tradition the highlight of the summer !!!

Breezy Point Gigs - The Bay & the Ocean - Bayhouse & Sugar Bowl

Great turnouts both nights - Breezy fans really appreciate the music and we appreciate them too.Just beautiful nights & lots of fun.

Next up the Graybeard Fun Run !! Friday night at 129th Street

Grayriders Play the Rockaway Surf Club
It was the birthday bash of the Riders collaborative artist Brian Boyle, and the Riders like the Dead playing for a Ken Kesey show in the 60's fed off the energy of the birthday boy and jammed the night away to friends and family. What a cool location for a bar and to play a gig; and what cool people to play for. Brian even sang with the Riders on the The Band's Long Black Veil. Very hip !

Next up Breezy Point at the Bay House Sunday July 13th at 5 pm - be there !!

The Wharf - Mash Up with Indaculture
Great time playing with Danny Mulvanety and Bobby Butler for the Clare Crush Benefit - some awesome jams with Butler on keyboard.  A great turnout for a great cause. 

CYO Hall of Fame Dinner & Bungalow Bar Memorial Day Weekend
Great gigs - CYO was 450 people & BB was just as many - great times and a sign that summer is here !!! See our schedule for upcoming gigs - there are plenty !

2014 Gigs

Ok gigs coming to Bungalow Bar on 5/25; Thai Rock 8/16; and CYO Dinner Dance 5/26……more venues coming !!!

Thai-riffic !!
Very cool night at Thai Rock ! Great fan turnout from Rockaway, Breezy, Long Island, Greenpoint and everywhere else, thanks everyone. Tremendous night for Robert the owner of Thai Rock who built the place back up after the storm. That night saw the Riders play a bunch of hot new songs and some old ones in totally different styles (eat your heart out Dylan). The downtown horns were in their usual great form and for the first time we employed a double drummer set up - just like the Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead. Man was that cool - Steve Baker and Willie Vargas wailed all night. This show completed the Riders pledge to play at every place in Rockaway for free in 2013 and every benefit they could to help Sandy victims. All told the Riders raised $78,000 in funds for those in need in 2013. And we are proud of that fact. We may have one or two gigs during the winter, keep an eye out on this site for announcements - but get ready because the Riders will be back in 2014 roaring to Rock !!!

Thai Rocks - 11/23 
Get ready for Thanksgiving & the Grayriders playing Thai Rock !! 8 pm be there to help Robert put Thai Rock back on the map !!!

Tamaqua - Vito Berretta Benefit
What an honor is was to play with Off Beat Morroca, the Newton Creek Boys and Richie O'Connell to help raise $for the Vito Berretta Project - over $20,000 raised to help the NYFD ! 

Low Tide Bar Acoustic Jam
No whales this year, and just as well as the Riders jammed well into the night rocking the boardwalk, or that sliver they were playing on. Thank you Low Tide for being strong !!

The Bayhouse was fun !
Sean Sheridan's Bayhouse was home to the Grayriders this summer and we thank Sean for inviting us to play for Breezy Point ! Breezy strong !!!

Great Summer Gigs !!
The Graybeard family fun run, the wharf, the low tide concession what a great summer it's been and there is more in store as the GRs firm up their Fall schedule - look for us at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, the Tamaqua in Brooklyn and Thai Rocks. Hold on we're coming !!

Ruby's @ Coney Island Boardwalk

The Riders played for their patron, Brian Boyle celebrating with his company at this Brooklyn historic institution ! Coney Island ! What a blast and a great appreciative crowd ! We loved it !!

Sandy Benefit @ NYSE
What a blast ! We helped raise $20,000 for Sandy victims and had a great night - thanks to everyone from Rockaway who came out and thanks to the Rock Brokers and to the Graybeards - who will be ringing the Opening Bell Monday 7/22 at the NYSE commemorating their good deeds ! Congratulations !

Blackwater Bar
Blackwater is completely redone - and they have done a very nice job - cool saying going around the perimeter of the bar too - make sure you read the end of it ! There was a small but devoted group of fans for this gig - but we had a ball playing and riffing off the energy of the people there - and then just as we were packing up, just like the "Commitments" - Indaculture showed up to jam - sorry guys, we were shot ! But congrats on the BB King gig - very cool !

Next up ....the NYSE Sandy Benefit concert on 7/17 at 5 pm at the NYSE itself - 7 bands - the Grayriders right in the middle - significant portion of the proceeds going to the Graybeards - tix are $50 fully tax deductible. Need to tix ? See Lou Pastina. Should be a blast !!

Full Shilling & Bungalow Bar
What a blast ! Thank you John and Christine Mullally for organizing the Full Shilling - the ferry was a home run and you raised almost $6,000 for the Graybeards for Sandy Victims !!  The band had a ball and it seemed so did everyone else.

And Bungalow Bar, what can we say, back bigger and better than ever - you largest Memorial Day opening - Rockaway Strong ! We were honored to play the opening of summer for the 5th year in a row !!

Next up - The Blackwater June 14 ! A venue we have never played !! And after that a Sandy Benefit at the NYSE at 11 Wall St - by ticket only (see a band member) - that's on 7/17 at 6 pm. Proceeds to go the Graybeards again.

And let's not forget the Graybeards Rockaway Run on 7/25 Friday night 5 pm ! 

Full Shilling - 160 Pearl Street off Wall - 5pm !!
Ferry leaves Rockaway at 4:30 gets you to the bar at 5:30 !!! Yahoo !!! Can't make this gig ?? Then see the events page of this site gigs added for The Blackwater, The Wharf, Bungalow Bar, The Graybeards Fun Run and more coming for Jameson's, Thai Rocks, Bayhouse, Low Tides !!! Going to be a great summer ! So take that Sandy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday Night 5/10 - 5 pm till 8 pm - NYC's The Full Shilling
The GRs will play a benefit to help the Graybeards with funding Sandy victims in Rockaway - come on out and have some fun, drink a few beers, jump on a ferry home !!!

Friday Night 3/22 @ TJ Patrick's of Hewlett
Wow the folks at TJ Patrick's are the best ! They made a great poster of the band and promoted the event and the bar was packed with new & old fans. The Riders played without their super cool Sax player, Mike Carpenter (he was gigging in Europe, told you he is super cool !). So the Riders had to be on their game, and you know what, we absolutely were !!! The music was so tight, the harmonies so good, and songs so good !! Stay tuned for April gigs to be announced shortly !!!

T.J. Patrick's - Friday Night March 22 at 7 pm
Come on out and have some fun Friday night - like the Dead, Stones ad classic rock, then this will be your night. See you there LI !!!

Wharf - 2/22/2013 Friday Night @ 8 pm
The GR's will be lending their talents to help the SFDS CYO program get back on its feet. There is a $10 cover charge that goes directly to the program. So come on out, hear some music, be with friends, help the program, and tell Sandy to go to hell !!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, before I forget - we had great gigs last year at the Bayhouse and Harbor Light. Tremendous fun with our fans and friends. We will never forget the generosity of those places and wish them and all our hosts a quick recovery !!! We need you all: Thai Rocks, Bungalow Bar, Harbor Light, Bayhouse, Low Tide, Jameson's, La Joya, Tap & Grill, Wharf we love you !!!

Low Tide Bar
A real whale was swimming out in the ocean as we played ! I wonder if he saw that we were playing on our website ? He was sprouting away as we were rockin' !! And did our fans show up and were they loud - YOU BET THEY WERE !! Thank you guys & gals - graybeards, hipsters, neighbors, friends and family and passersbys !!! We were feeling the love and sent it right back to you ! A great, beautiful night with a picture perfect sunset !

Next up - back to the Bay House on 9/29 - 9 pm start !! See you all there !!

Jameson's Labor Day Jam

Great night at Jameo's with those happy hatsters on Hat Night !! Cool acoustic evening - good time by up Low Tide Bar on the Boardwalk 9/16 Sunday at 4 pm - be there for a beautiful Rockaway sunset and friends !

Bay House Blast !
Wow - great night at the Bay House - Breezy came out in force & the Riders responded in kind ! Mike Carpenter & Joe Kenel in top form with John McNamee and Willie Vargas laying down a steady beat ! Mark, Lou & Bugsy supplied the vocals and the night was lit up by lightening ! Literally !

Next stop - Jameson's Sept 2 around 8 pm - Hat Night - be there !!!

Bay House - Breezy Point - 8/17 Friday Night 9 pm
Due to a scheduling issue the GRs are at the Bay House Friday night at 9 pm - We will be back at Thai Rocks later this year. Meanwhile, the Bay House is one of the best places in all of Rockaway - come on down to Breezy - ask at the Security Gate - they will give you directions !! See you there !!! 

GrayBeards Family Fun Run
Great night for runners, graybeards & grayriders !! Thanks, we loving donating our talents to this yearly event - and it is an event, one of the pennisula's premier ones ! Good job Bugsy !!!

Jameson's Tropical Gardens @ 129th St 
Nice night at the Jameson Gardens - all acoustic show - all new songs. Thanks to all who came out. The proprietors of the newly refurbished Jameson's have redecorated inside and out to great effect ! Cool place to play for great people in the neighborhood. Look for the Riders up the block as they donate their talents to the Graybeards playing at the GB Family Fun Run ! The 10th anniversary of this great neighborhood event - the Riders have been playing this since 2006 !! Its this Friday, 7/27, run at 6 pm, Riders food, beer, friends and family at 6:30 ! Its what living at the beach is all about !

The Wharf @ 116th St
Thanks to all the fans who came out to brave the rains; you were rewarded with a beautiful sunset, cool breezes and 3 hours of GR rock. This show was dedicated to the memory of a very dear friend who passed this weekend, way to soon. Firefighter Vito Berretta, a terrific musician himself, left us this weekend. All those Stones tunes were for you Vito, sorry Tommy D, but Vito always said the Stones were better than the Beatles, so those were for you. Rest in peace my friend....

Low Tides Bar @ 96th St
This is one cool place - on the Boardwalk, facing the ocean, lights, music...action !! How much fun was that, wow...thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the beautiful summer night and some Rider tunes...Missing You, Walk on the Wild Side, Dancin' in the Streets...are only some of the new, old tunes the Riders are breathing life into....will definitely be back this the meantime July 7th at the Wharf , 9 pm, be there !!!!

Bungalow Bar - 2012 Memorial Day Weekend
4th year in a row the Riders played the BB on this weekend - great crowd of family and friends. Mr. McNamee, what a dancer, he has the moves like Jagger !! Hank V joined us for the 3rd set and lit a fire !! Great night and great way to start the summer !! Some hot numbers in this all new setlist - come check us out.

La Joya, Rockaway Beach
The folks at La Joya know how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo ! They invite the Grayriders, fill the place with friends and family, serve cold beer and hot food, and turn on the disco lights and fog machine !!! What a blast ! And families did fill the place, the Pastina's, the Boyle's, the Goldberg's, the Kenel's...everyone was in the house. Best partyers however goes to Mrs. Boyle and her 7 octogenarian friends who stayed right to the last song and actually left singing with the band !!! Those gals know how to party !!

Next up - Bungalow Bar Sunday 5/27 4 pm start - call ahead and make a reservation for a table - last year they sold out fast - and the same will happen this year. So count on the sun & the bay and the Riders rocking the night away !!!

And the new manager seems to be working out pretty good so far - Tim Pastina - 2 for 2 !

Saloon NYC
Well my son Timmy was the agent on this deal connecting the Grayriders to the Saloon through Howard Beach's Anthony Delio ! Thanks for that guys - the Saloon is very professionally run and the Riders had a great night, as all their friends and family came out to see them - people came from all over - Rockaway, Breezy, Greenpoint, NYSE, McCartin School, CMSV, Catholic U, Molloy, SFC... it was great ! We hope to be back later this summer. Thanks to Katie & Timmy & Timo for being catalysts for this gig !!

And thanks to Richie O'Connell for the video from the Saloon. Check out Rich's site on Greenpoint and the scene from the 70's that spawned a generation of musician's (thanks to the late, great Fred Rubino - see his site too).

Saloon Bar NYC
3/30 @ 8 pm
The Saloon Bar on the Upper East Side will be hosting the Grayriders on Friday night 3/30 starting at 8 pm. So make it a night out in the city - grab dinner and come on over and party with the Saloon and Riders ! Promises to be a great night !!!

Scholars Gig
Small turnout but great music by the Grayriders and Breezy Grass, and for a good cause - Scholars athletic association. Next gigs to be announced soon !!

Tap & Grill
Thanks to everyone who came out and packed the T & G ! Great night of acoustic music by the GRs and plenty of Graybeards and friends. Johnny Mac's singing debut, nice job !! Lots of percussive instruments, sounded good.  GRs will adding the Downtown Horns for the Scholars gig on 2/10 - look for emails on tix sales.

Two Cool Gigs coming Up in January and February 2012
January 7th @ 8:30
Tap & Grill at 98th St and RRB - the Riders will be playing acoustically & will have a brand new set list following the Thai Rock Last Waltz gig. If you just want to grab a quick dinner and hang out with friends and listen to some cool, mellow acoustic Rider music - come on down.

February 10 @ 8 pm
Scholars HS will be having a fund raiser for the school. The Riders will be dedicating their time and talents to help this very successful new school in its fund raising. The Downtown Horns will be joining the Riders for this gig - so come on out and help out the school and have some fun listening to the Riders rock the night away. 

Thai Rocks 11/27 

The Last Waltz starring the Grayriders !! As Doctor John said " Such a night!" What a great turnout of GR fans for Bugsy's birthday celebration; and a great heated tent by Thai Rocks, and did you try the food ? It's superb !!

The Riders along with the fabulous Downtown horns played 31 songs we all know and love and jammed the hell out of them. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a fun time. Check out the photos and video.

La Joya 11/5 !!

Great gig at LaJoya - the owners were terrific and the food is out of this gotta get to La Joya, don't wait for the grayriders - btw we will be back at this cozy venue. And thanks to the fans who came out, the Boyles, Goldbergs, Pastinas, Graybeards, Careys and of course special guest Bobby Butler. Cool night, hot food, and great music.

Next up....Thai Rocks at 92nd Street - this will be the 35th anniversary of The Band's Last Waltz and the GRs will be playing almost all the songs with the assistance of the downtown horns. This is not to be missed. So come on out after Thanksgiving, get away from those annoying family members and come and party !!

Coming in November - 2 gigs for foodies !!

Check out the Riders at La Joya on Nov 5 at 8 pm  - get there early and get some unbelievably great Salvadorian food !! Its at 112th St and RRB Blvd. and the central american food is not to be missed.

Then come on out Thanksgiving Saturday for some great Thai food at Thai Rocks at 92nd St, and then hang around for the Riders !!! Thai, Thanksgiving, and GrayRider music, yeah baby !!

It's the 35th anniversary of the Last Waltz - the Grayriders will be paying tribute to the Band !

Jameson's Pub @ 129th St - Sept 4 Labor Day Sunday Night !! 8 Pm !!

Wow, what a great night !! 30 + classic rock songs with a 9 piece band - and some crazy hats ! Marty thanks for hosting the GRs - we had a blast ! And can you believe JK's hat ! And we had the founder of the Rockaway Hat Party - Frankie T in the house !! And a happy birthday weekend to MBG !!! Great night with the horns & Congas ! Willie way to wail on the percussive toys ! And welcome back (no pun intended) to Johnny Mac - off the injured reserve list with a reinforced, surgically repaired spine ! Yikes !!

Graybeards Fun Run Friday 7/29 @ 129th Street St. Francis de Sales

Riders are the house band for this event, lending their talents to this Graybeard fund raising staple. Come on out and run, walk, watch, listen and just see old friends - its what living in Rockaway is all about. It's also Timo's birthday ! We wish Timo a happy 39th !

Tommy Boland Family Benefit @ Breezy Point

A great line-up of musicians dedicated their time and talents to the memory of their friend and fellow musician Tommy Boland Saturday night to benefit Tom's family.  People like Kerry Kearney, Gerald Bair, Brian Happaney, 3 Sheets to the Wind, and Tommy's band from 25 years ago - Rock Patrol all played, as did the Gray Riders.

Chris Vought teamed with his brother Hank to re-unite the band and rock the night away. A great turnout and some unbelievably good music by very talented musicians, the Gray Riders were proud to stand with their fellow artists and add their talents to the night. Joe Kenel and Keith Goldberg and Lou Pastina all played to to their individual memories of Tommy. And the GRs as closers for the evening hammered 10 rock n' roll songs at number 11 on their amps.

Jameson's - 7/1 - Acoustic Gig

Cool night for the Riders playing acoustically with Congas and Acoustic Bass at Jameson's tropical gardens Friday night. Great crowd of fans there for all three sets. Look for the Riders to be coming back to Jameson's before the summer is out. Thanks to Jameson's and our fans !!

The Wharf - 6/18 - 9 pm

The Riders came back to the Wharf to a packed back deck, a classic Wharf sunset, and played till 1:30 am - rockin' and rollin' all night long ! Joined by the Downtown horns, lead by Amanda Anderson, John Wilson, Mike Carpenter and Brian Sears - the band burned through the evening ! Special guest appearance by Dancer Rogers who played harp on Tore Up, the evening saw the deck filled with dancers all night. Some from as far away as New Jersey ! Special shout out to Frank & Chris D' thanks so much !!  Mike R - the ante has been upped !

Joe Kenel and Mark Boyle simply put on a blues guitar clinic !! And Bugsy, Willie, Johnny Mac and Laser kept the whole thing on track. This was an awesome line-up and the crowd responded by staying all the way through ! Thanks so much, Rockaway fans are the best - Murph, Ricky, Seal you all get front row seats to every show - thanks man !!

The next stop is Jameson's on July 1 at about 8:30 or so - this will be an acoustic gig - so come groove on the Grayriders Unplugged !

Rockaway Little League Benefit - 6/4 - 1 pm

The Riders donated their time to the RLL to help multiple causes on Saturday by playing a 90 minute set  for the attendees of the RLL benefit. Coming off their red hot Bungalow Bar gig, the Riders reprised their best songs to the delight of the mothers, fathers, kids and even umpires of the RLL at Fort Tilden. The Riders are now scheduled next at the Wharf on 116th Street on June 18, Saturday starting at about 7:30 - come on down for a beautiful sunset, the great Wharf atmosphere, and the smoking Grayriders. See you there.

Bungalow Bar Sunday 5/29 - 6 pm Be There for Opening of Summer 2011 !!!

Awesome night at the Bungalow Bar - the Grayriders were fortunate to be blessed with great weather, a beautiful sunset, the jam packed Bungalow Bar crowded with friends, family and fans, and wedged between the talented Brian Monahan and hilarious DJ Teddy. With a brand new line up of songs and instruments the Riders had a great time playing and opening the summer season. Finally summer is here ! Joined by new drummer Willie Vargas and Sax soloist Mike Carpenter, the Riders played their special blend of rock'n'roll & Blues to the delight of the crowd. Bassman Johnny McNamee was terrific adding those really cool bass runs and Bugsy, Mark, Joe and Laser powered through the list . Good sign for the rest of the season. This is a great line-up ad promises special guests all summer long.

Aviator & St. Francis College Gigs - February and March 2011

The Riders played at Floyd Bennet Field in support of the Aviator semi-pro hockey team and at St. Francis College Treaty Stone Folk Festival. Both events played to the Riders close ties to their Brooklyn roots.

Look for the Riders to be playing before their opening day gig at Bungalow Bar on 5/29. In the meantime please say a prayer for the Kenel and Shields families who lost Jodi (Kenel) Shields this weekend. She was a great fan of the band and sister of lead player and founding member, Joe. Our playing will be dedicated to her memory.

Connolly's December 2010 Gig

The Riders played Connolly's for the second straight year. The private party saw an all-star horn section that included Dan Levine, Mike Carpenter, John Wilson, Amanda Anderson, Anthony Attia and Paul Persichetti. This Tower of Power blew the lid off Connolly's. A great time was had by all, including the Band !! 

Aviator - Floyd Bennett Field - 9/25

The Riders opened for Eddie Money Saturday night at Aviator, Floyd Bennett Field Brooklyn. The large stage, light show and tremendous sound system were just the thing for the over 400 GR fans who showed up to hear them play. That's right the fans delivered big time for the GRs as we represented half of all ticket sales Saturday night, and I am pretty sure about 90% of all alcohol sales !!

Given that backdrop, the weather cooperated completely with a huge harvest moon and a comfortable breeze drifting through the Brooklyn skies.

And then the Riders hit the stage for a 65 minute set that included 12 of their best numbers starting with Atlantic City and ending with Hold On. Joe Kenel and Mark Boyle were superb on leads and singing; Johnny McNamee was terrific on bass, Laszlo was on target all night long and Bugsy and Louie really belted them out. But the real treat was the Downtown Horns lead by Amanda Anderson and John Wilson playing Trombone and Bari Sax; and Paul Persecchetti on Trumpet, and Anthony Attia on Alto Sax - the whole blend from the 9 musicians combined to move the crowd to dance and cheer their hometown band on.

It was a great night for all with many people to thank for getting us on the bill, including Aviator, Eddie Money (who besides being a great musician, is a really nice guy - believe me the guy is great) and of course, Bugsy Goldberg who had the vision to ask !!

That was probably our last outdoor gig of the season, and it was certainly the highlight.

So we move into the Fall schedule - stay tuned here for updates.

The Wharf - 9/18
Another beautiful Rockaway night - this time from the The Wharf at the foot of 116th Street overlooking Jamaica Bay and a great view of the Manhattan skyline. The Riders played 3 spirited sets with some great jams and terrific dancing provided by Betty Ann and her crew, and the Timothy sisters and Lynn's friend Cathy. Joining the Riders again was Tenor sax soloist Mike Carpenter and backing him up on Alto sax, playing with the Riders for the first time, Kevin Brown. Mike and Kevin were terrific, as were Joe Kenel and Mark Boyle on searing leads.

Laz and Johnny Mac kept us all in line with a steady back beat as Bugs and Louie sang'em just like they wrote'em.

Great night - for those that missed it - you have one more chance to see the Riders outdoors and that is this Saturday 9/25 at Aviator - opening up for Brooklyn's own - Eddie Money ! Be there !!

Bungalow Bar - 8/28

The Riders played the Bungalow Bar Saturday night and had the help of Wax R' Backs, who supplied the sound and lighting for the Riders. Sean thanks so much. Wax R' Backs followed the Riders and kept the Bungalow packed with their classic do-wop sounds.

The Riders starting at 6 pm were on fire, playing into a fiery sunset to a crowd that got bigger and bigger as the night wore on. At one point there was a 45 minute wait for  a table - wow !  And playing for the first time with the downtown horns and the Riders was Mike Carpenter - playing tenor sax, and man did he wail !! Johnny Mac and Laz kept a steady beat and Joe & Mark burned up the fret boards. Bugsy and Lazer were in great form - beautiful night, moon on the water, plenty of Graybeards in the audience supporters their guys, and plenty of new fans.

Like we've been telling you, this is one great line-up !! Amanda Anderson and John Wilson on trombone and Bari-Sax were unstoppable !! 

Catch the Riders as they head to the Wharf  at 116 St. on September 18 Saturday night at 7 pm - should be the last outdoor show of 2010 !! Be there !

GrayBeards Fun Run - 7/30

Once again the Riders supplied the music for this summer classic that attracts 100's from neighborhood. A beautiful night, great music and a good time by all. The Down Town Horns were led by Amanda Anderson with John Wilson on baritone sax and Brian Sears on tenor sax - and they wailed !! Joe Kenel, Lou Pastina and Bugsy Goldberg carried the singing duties, newly installed Gray Riders Johnny Mac and Lazlo kept the beat going all night long. The Riders were missing their lead guitar player Mark Boyle - he was gigging in Aruba ! 

This is a great line-up - look for the Riders to finish out the season at Bungalow Bar on 8/28 and The Wharf on 9/18 !!!

BHYC - SFDS Reunion Classes 0f 73, 74, 75 - 7/23

Timo ran a great party and she has an "in" with the band ! First time Riders John McNamee and Laszlo Kovacs supplied the groove on bass and drums and the Down Town Horns - Amanda, Paul and Anthony - supplied the fire - and the classmates did all the dancing. This was the best party of the summer in Rockaway ! Bugsy and Louie sang their hearts out and Joe Kenel ripped some mean leads ! A great night was had by all !!

Tribute Park - 116th St.

The Riders opened up for the Tribute Park fund raiser to help fund a 9/11 memorial to be displayed at the 116th Street park. The Riders played 8 acoustic songs and warded off the rain in the process. A nice crowd showed up to help with Tribute Park, and the Riders were proud to be part of it.

Bungalow Bar - 5/30 Sunday afternoon Memorial Day Sunday - 4 pm !! Be There !!

The Riders played Bungalow Bar last Sunday afternoon and wound up playing until 11 pm ! 36 songs in all with some great playing by the band including Brian Sears and Amanda Anderson on horns ! Special guest Gregg Trooper played a sweet version of Tupelo Honey accompanied by the full band ! In great form were Bugsy and Laser, Mark & Joe on leads and the best drummer and bassist on Rockaway - Johnny Malar and Bobby Butler. This line up was playing to a packed house by the third set that was well over 500 people strong. The night was spectacular with a blazing sunset and a bright moon reflecting off the bay....several boats pulled in to hear the show too. This was a special night for Rockaway music. And the band was missing at least two of its horn players too - so look for the next full gig with the entire horn section - it promises to be really special !!


Buckley's Skee's Reunion Party - 4/17

Skee's was a bar in Brooklyn that was pretty special to a lot of people. So years later the patrons had a reunion at Buckley's and packed the house ! The Riders were asked to provide the music and with the help of the Downtown Horn's Amanda Anderson, Paul Persechitti and John Wilson & their good friend Brian Sears - the band burned down the house. The horns literally blew the lid off Buckley's and the Skee's gang danced up a storm proving that the years hadn't slowed them down one bit. Great Sax solos, guitar leads, Malar Drumming, Bobby Butler Bassing, and Bugsy howling  singing kept the suds flowing and the feet moving. A great time in Brooklyn for old friends, the Riders were privileged to be part of the night ! Go Skee's ! 

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